Rowheath Pavilion car park

Bournville named as ‘Dogging hot spot’

The car park at Rowheath Pavilion has been named as a ‘dogging hot-spot’ by the Birmingham Mail. It includes the location in a list of sites across the Midlands used by singles and couples looking for sex. read more

Village life

Rowheath Pavilion

Local support helps Rowheath Pavilion gets window makeover

Support from Bournville residents has helped Rowheath Pavilion emerge as winners in a competition run by Birmingham based window specialists, Finesse. read more


Eu referendum

Bournville voted to remain in the EU

Data released by Birmingham City Council reveals that Bournville Ward voted to remain in the European Union in last Thursday’s historic vote. read more


Star Wars Rogue One

Star Wars – Bournville’s Felicity Jones stars

A teaser trailer has been released for the next Star Wars film, Rogue One, giving fans a first look at Bournville’s Felicity Jones in the lead role. read more


bad parking

School parking – children in danger

Are Bournville children at risk from bad parking by parents at the school gate? The President of the National Association of Head teachers thinks so and has lashed out at poor school parking. read more


Chocolate 5k charity race – 25th April

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice in Selly Park are staging a special 5k charity race in April called the ‘Chocolate 5k’. read more