Bournville Village is an independent community website which aims provide news, events, and features of what’s going on in the area. The website is run on a voluntary basis and launched on Thursday 8 August by a local journalism graduate, Hannah Waldram with local runner Dave Harte.

We recognised there was little media coverage of Bournville, and this website is a place for its 25,000 residents and lovers of the area to share information, pictures and create conversations about the village.

The website also aims to increase community awareness and cohesion – linking up with local authorities to enhance the lives of those living in Bournville or passing through. We hope by highlighting news, events and those working to better the community we will increase civic engagement with the area you live in.

The site is a non-for-profit independent website which is run on a voluntary basis – inviting those living and moving in the community to contribute by emailing us, or writing for the site – we are always looking for new contributors to help sustain the website.

On the site you can see some advertising spots which local business can buy if they would like to support what we do, which we hope will cover the costs of maintaining the website.

Bournville is a ‘model village’ set up by George Cadbury – with shops and houses built between 1905 and 1925 for the Cadbury workers. It is idyllic and we want to preserve the Cadbury brothers’ vision for the perfect community. The area is now protected by the Bournville Village Trust – see this video of Bournville to find out more about the area and its history and click here to find out more about the Bournville Village Festival.



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  2. I recently found this site, being born & bred in the village but have lived in Surrey for 57 years. It’s nice to hear what’s going on.

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