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  1. Hi there, my Fiance and I have heard wonderful things about your Christmas Eve carols night, could you kindly confirm if this event is still taking place as I cannot find it on your site. Perhaps you can driect me to the web page.

    Merry Christmas

    Bright & Wendy.

  2. Hi Bright and Wendy,

    Yes indeed the Christmas Eve carols service is on again this year. It takes place on Bournville Green – just up past Cadbury World on Mary Vale Road. It usually starts at about 6pm – but we will confirm the details on this site nearer to the time. Always good to bring a lantern (we used to stick candles inside jam jars and attach some string to hold them with), and wrap up warm. The carols are sung to the Carilon and make for quite a magical evening. Let’s hope for snow this year!

    Best wishes,

    Your Local Reporter