Beatrice Cadbury: The Book

Those of you who have received Kindle e-readers for Christmas may wish to know about a new book on Beatrice Cadbury that has just been published for the device. Author Fiona Joseph’s book will also be released in paperback later in January.

Beatrice Cadbury (1884-1976) reached an astonishing decision when she was in her thirties to give up all her inherited wealth and share it amongst the Cadbury workers. Although a relatively unknown member of the Cadbury dynasty, Fiona’s book offers a fascinating insight into Beatrice’s life:

“Join Beatrice on her astonishing journey from respectable Quaker girl to bold peace activist as she and her Dutch husband Kees Boeke relentlessly pursued their vision of a fairer and more equal society.”

Fiona Joseph is a former university lecturer and textbook writer who also writes short stories, language learner fiction and narrative non-fiction, with an emphasis on Life Writing. She is a member of Tindal Street Fiction Group, The Biographer’s Club and The Society of Authors. She lives with her husband and two children in Birmingham.

Link to the book’s page on Amazon.

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