bad parking

School parking – children in danger

Are Bournville children at risk from bad parking by parents at the school gate? The President of the National Association of Head teachers thinks so and has lashed out at poor school parking.

Tony Draper told BBC Radio 5 live’s Sam Walker (listen below) that parents should find “safe and considerate” places to park or walk their children to school.

We have seen many instances of poor parking by irresponsible parents in Bournville. Tell us your stories. Do you think parents should be more considerate and are they too lazy to walk their kids to school?

bad parking

Bad parking at St Joseph’s school on Selly Oak road

7 comments on “School parking – children in danger

  1. For many years, parents frequently park on pavements in Teazel Avenue: it’s dangerous, and contrary to the Highway Code. Needs Police to issue on the spot fines to eradicate it.

  2. The parking around Bournville junior and infant school drives me insane!!! Especially on the corner of sycamore rd and linden road…. Even with notices up asking people not to park on the corner which is also double yellow lines certain parents still insist on parking there then dashing into school quickly with their little ones before speeding off quickly. It’s the same parents time and time again. They are putting people at serious risk. There is plenty of parking available within the area and seems sometimes parents are a little too lazy to walk the extra few steps. Grrrrrr

  3. Is this news or just a way to drum up lots of complainers? You’ll never fix the problem as schools don’t come with parking and not all parents live within walking distance to schools, plus have to shoot off to get to work. It’s an age old problem with no solution. You can probably make it better, i.e. encouraging more parents to park at Rowheath and walk to St Francis and St Lawrence, but you’ll never fix it.

  4. Its aways been the same most patents both work and need to use transport to grt children to school some are lazy who don’t work. But its a 20 min window twice a day have patience we all had to do it once and l’m soon to be a Grandmother and will help with my grandchild and l have to use transport due to poor mobility. What l find stupid and uncalled for is nad parking due to lateness and bad time management.

  5. Yes there are some parents that don’t park with care, however, Bournville is very difficult to park in for the school run. I am a parent that needs to drop my child and get to work for 9am. It doesn’t help that car parks unused at that time are disqualifying any parents parking for the 5 minute window it takes. The art college opposite Bournville Juniors on Woodbrooke Rd put cones out to stop them and the friends meeting house are equally unfriendly. That is not a community spirit is it. What about making all the parking by the green a maximum 1 hour. So all the art students don’t park there all day not leaving anywhere for parents or indeed local folk wishing to visit the shops or doctors.

  6. I am always amazed when I read of inconsiderate behaviour concerning the school run,makes me wonder how we managed 50 years ago walk to school or catch a bus.

  7. I’m not sure it follows that if you use transport to get your child to school, but don’t work, then you must be lazy. You might have mobility problems, or have appointments to get to, or live too far away for a 4 year old reception child to walk. Or, you might just be exercising your right in a free country to use any legal method of transport that you choose. If you’re parking legally, there’s no problem; whether you work or not. Bad parking shouldn’t be excused, it’s dangerous and inconsiderate. I’m also not sure that it’s fair to stop people parking who need to be in the area all day, such as art students, just so you can inhabit the space for 5 mins twice a day. Is that community spirit?