Rowheath Pavilion car park

Bournville named as ‘Dogging hot spot’

The car park at Rowheath Pavilion has been named as a ‘dogging hot-spot’ by the Birmingham Mail. It includes the location in a list of sites across the Midlands used by singles and couples looking for sex.

The Mail claims the list was posted on a website called ‘Swinging Heaven’ with the following description of the location:

“A couples spot with several younger student couples from Selly Oak turning up weekday nights.”

Pavilion carpark

The car park at Rowheath Pavilion on Heath road


The full original entry on the Swinging Heaven website was written four years ago and also includes the following details:

“The Car Park next to Rowheath Pavillion on Rowheath Road in Bournville.

“Best time is a Saturday night though. Coarse grassland at the back of the Car Park as well.”


Dogging is a well known slang term for having sex in public. Other nearby places listed by the Birmingham Mail include Cannon Hill Park and Scotland Lane in Frankley.

People caught dogging might be liable to prosecution under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 or under the common law offence of outraging public decency.

The car park at Rowheath Pavilion is usually closed in the evening.

The area around the Pavilion is well used by local dog walkers.

7 comments on “Bournville named as ‘Dogging hot spot’

  1. Is this outdated comment by one person really newsworthy?
    The gates are locked at night and there is no long grass behind the car park.
    So many good events going on locally and this is what is covered. I’m disappointed, really I am.