Bournville to join Northfield in election boundary changes

The current Selly Oak constituency boundary

Proposals have emerged for the Bournville ward area to become part of Birmingham Northfield constituency. A website has published the changes which show many changes to wards in the Birmingham area including the abolition of the existing Selly Oak constituency.

The Boundary Commission for England is reviewing boundaries following new rules laid down by Parliament which will see a reduction in the number of constituencies in England from 533 to 502. The rules also require that the vast majority of constituencies must have an electorate that is no smaller than 72,810 and no larger than 80,473.

In proposing the changes (PDF) the document says:

“Our proposed Birmingham Northfield constituency retains the Kings Norton, Longbridge, and Northfield wards, but includes the ward of Bournville from the existing Birmingham, Selly Oak constituency.”

On the basis of previous election results it has been predicted that the new Northfield constituency would be won by Labour. The Guardian Newspaper has published all the data for the boundary changes and suggests the following vote breakdown:
Conservative: 14,478
Lab: 17,503
LD: 7,682
Green: 482

Bournville Ward will contribute 26% of the electorate for Northfield constituency. Full details of the changes for Birmingham are below:

Link to spreadsheet

Some existing wards in Birmingham will find themselves in constituencies made up of wards from other authority areas. These are: Oscott, Shard End, Sheldon, and Soho.

Below is a map of how the new constituency will look (boundary data from the Guardian datastore):

2 comments on “Bournville to join Northfield in election boundary changes

  1. Isn’t it ludicrous that wards from different authorities get lumped together? This will mean MPs having to deal with multiple Councils – completely daft and an admin nightmare.

  2. Cheers for this Dave. I’d got it in my head that Sparkbrook was destined to be a part of the Hall Green constituency.

    Still, Edgbaston is nice.

    And I agree with Brian, having constituencies across local authority areas is a pain in the neck.