Bournville tree replacement – mapped

Wondering when, or if, the trees in your road will be replaced? We’ve created a map showing the City Council tree replacement programme for the Bournville Ward. The plan shows the 31 roads that will have trees replaced between now and the end of 2013.

Like our previous posts on street lighting and road repairs, we’ve taken the data that was originally published by the city council in PDF format and made it useful.

You can see the rest of the data we received from the council here: and data for all wards in the City of Birmingham is here:

Red lines on the map indicate 2011/12 tree replacement and blue lines, 2012/13. Some roads are indicated as part of the programme across both years so have both colours marked on our map. Zoom in and click on the lines for further details. Residents in Willow Road, whom we featured in a story last year, will wait until 2012/13 for their trees to be replaced.

RoadWork typeYearWard
Avebury GroveTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Bournville LaneTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Claines RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Derwent RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Edwin RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Hay Green LaneTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Hazelwell FordroughTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Heath RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Lewis RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Lockton RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Oak Tree LaneTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Pershore RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Pineapple GroveTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Station RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Vicarage CloseTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Woodbrooke RoadTree Replacement2011/2012BOURNVILLE
Avebury GroveTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Bournville LaneTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Bunbury RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Cartland RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Claines RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Cob LaneTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Griffins Brook LaneTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Hay Green LaneTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Hazelwell FordroughTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Laburnum RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Lockton RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Longfellow RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Newlands RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Oak Tree LaneTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Park AvenueTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Pershore RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Pineapple RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Selly Oak RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Somerdale RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Sycamore RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
The WorthingsTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Willow RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE
Woodbrooke RoadTree Replacement2012/2013BOURNVILLE

Direct link to spreadsheet on Google Docs

4 comments on “Bournville tree replacement – mapped

  1. It’s great seeing data plotted on a map like this, do you have a link to a tutorial on how I might be able to do this?

    I’ve found plenty on plotting points (or addresses) on maps, but would love to find out how to add entire roads or sections of roads onto a map…

  2. Note Willow Road trees were supposed to be replaced in the “council year” 2012/2013 (which ended April 2013) We have still not seen any sign of new trees although some tree maintenance work was done last week Any update on the situation Dave? I think I will contact local councillor to find out.

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