Mondelez: “Bournville is beating heart of Cadbury”

Cadbury owners Mondelez have hit back at claims made against them in a Channel 4 documentary by saying that “Bournville firmly remains the beating heart of manufacturing for Cadbury.”
cadbury factory
Mary Barnard, President of Northern Europe at Mondelez International, has written in the Huffington Post a response to the accusations that much production of the Dairy Milk bars is now happening overseas and promises to run the company from the UK have been broken.

She says: “we have invested £200 million in our UK business since 2010, including £75 million into the chocolate manufacturing in Bournville, which has secured the factory as the home of Cadbury for generations to come.”

In response to the claim that Dairy Milk production is being moved overseas, she says: “Bournville makes five and a half million blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk every day, and more than 400 million Buttons. This Easter we’ll have made over 47 million Easter Eggs.”

She pointed out that production costs at Bournville were double that of overseas factories when Kraft took over and new investment has helped reduce costs.

She said: “Delicious new products like Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly, Marvellous, Puddles and Medley are just some of the bars they have created in Bournville in the last five years.”

Mondelez have made a number of job cuts at Bournville but have previously tried to reassure workers that the historic factory’s long-term future is secure.