Dangerous dog warning after cat killed

A local resident has posted a series of notices around various Bournville open spaces as a warning to others about a dangerous Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The notice claims that the dog attacked and badly injured a cat which later died. The incident is alleged to have happened in Woodlands Park where some of the notices have appeared. Notices were also posted on the Rowheath playing fields.

The notice appeared earlier this week but no dates have been given for the incident and there are no contact details. Cryptically the note says: ‘if the owner of this dog would like to come and apologise […] just return to the place where your dog killed our cat’.

The notice says that the dog ‘pounced’ on the cat badly injuring it. The dog’s female owner is said to have ‘ran out the park’ after the incident taking her dog with her.

The cat died a week later ‘in the arms of its owner’ who was then left with a £495 vet bill.

dog notice

3 comments on “Dangerous dog warning after cat killed

  1. Feel very privileged to live in Bournville. I love the parks and the lakes and everything about the place. Need to keep an eye open for graffiti and litter……..the footballers tend to be a bit delinquent here by Woodland Park in that respect. Can they be encouraged to take their rubbish home?

  2. I am “the female” owner of the cat that died. The attack happened on 24.11.2014 in Blackthorn Road. Bennie (the cat) was sitting on the lawn across the road from our house when a dog ran from the park with no lead on with the walker of the dog following. The dog chased Bennie, on catching him the dog violently shook the cat, my husband managed to get Bennie free from the dog. He took him straight into the house. Bennie had scans and X-rays at the vets and medication but was very shook up and badly bruised (showed when he was shaved for his scan). He spent the next 4 days contually shaking, finally on the Saturday evening he died being cuddled by my husband. At no point has the walker made any attempt to find out how the cat was. Our worry is that next time it could be a small child running up the road that the dog goes after when leaving the park not on a lead. We wanted to make people aware of the danger. The police were not interested as the attack was animal on animal. We now know who walks the dog but when approached she was abusive, unfortunately there is nothing else we can do but anonymously make people aware of the danger.