Fix Bournville Before the Freeze

A new project is aiming to avoid last year’s winter legacy of potholes by encouraging us to report problems before the weather gets colder. Behind the idea is, a website to report common street problems to your local council.

In previous years potholes have become a real issue as councils struggle to cope with repairs. One local blogger even organised their own ‘pothole hunt‘.  In the summer highways contractor Amey issued a five year plan to repair the city’s roads and published a timetable.

But MySociety, the developers of, want to help us avoid a repeat before its too late. Small potholes can be reported and fixed now instead to waiting until they get worse due to frost damage.

They are looking for people to participate in their campaign and issued the following guidance:

  • Check for problems Will your walk home from work tonight be in the dark? Look out for areas that could be better lit or paths that might cause people to stumble in the dark.
  • Report it If you see something that is better fixed before the freeze, now’s the time to let your council know. It only take a minute at
  • Spread the word We’ve created the image above as a website icon, flier, and poster. Follow the links at the foot of this post to download them, or use the code if you’d prefer to link back. Why not put one on your blog, hand them out at work, or stick one in your window? Please spread the word among friends and family too.
  • Spread the word further We’d be grateful for mentions on your preferred social media hang-out (you can use the #FB4TF hashtag).
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