Happy Birthday Bournville Village!

Iconic Bournville Photo: Hannah Waldram

One year ago today we founded this website with a view to reflecting community life in this beautiful model village of ours. With so much vibrancy, history and local charm, the lack of coverage of what’s going on in the area felt like a real shame – we hoped the Bournville Village website would become a vital community resource, linking up partnerships and sharing information for the benefit of Bournville residents and visitors. We wanted to create a platform for the community, and increase social cohesion through social media. And look how far we’ve come!

The site has come on leaps and bounds in the last year and we hope you have enjoyed watching it grow.

Here are some of our highlights from the first year of Bournville Village.

I’m sure you’ll agree the website has done a sterling job over the last year of holding the local authorities and politicians to account on behalf of residents as well as providing a reliable source for news, events and features which matter to Bournville.

But the site does not run itself. It’s mantained through the hard work, love and labour of local residents – at the moment editor Dave Harte is doing much of the leg work and now we’re appealing for more contributors to keep the site going. It’s not a one-man job – we want this to be a community project and for the site to be sustainable in the future we need your help.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

You can email us dave@daveharte.com with a story, a tip off,  your contact details for a story, some information or just an offer to help

You can follow us on Twitter @bournvillenews

You can add a comment on the one of the posts on the blog

You could send us some photos, submit a freedom of information request or offer to help with web development of the site

You can write for us – it’s simple and easy – if you have a story or something to say just get in touch!

2 comments on “Happy Birthday Bournville Village!

  1. Hello,

    Sarah Hartley kindly pointed to this blog. That’s not a bad snap; but if was taken against a colourful sunset rather than broad daylight it’d be provoke more of a reaction. Sunsets/rises infront of quirky things like that symmetrical structure are a fine enhancement. Then again I’m a swindler who loves to ‘cheat’ like this for quirky scenic or landscape shots.

    You’d probably need a pricy enthusiast level cam that’s a performer in poor light to pull it off well. Also you might want to censor the ‘it’s not shit’ thing – I couldn’t give a crap since coarse language only gains meaning under context. However since you seem to aim this site at an older audience as well as the less uppity young maybe its worth considering.

    I’ve been through Birmingham proper but never Bournville. Have a good friend in the inner-city too, although he’d probably plump for ‘some parts are crap, others are dignified and appealing.’ – That’s true of any city. I think the actual implication is ‘Birmingham is good as a whole.‘ so pointing out that obvious point doesn’t particularly add value.

    Well done for reaching your first year; that’s better than most websites based around a locality ever do. Great job on the publicity too. It’s amazing how the Internet can imbue influence to people who previously had ability and enough literacy but were not able to broadcast their interests or knowledge.

    Pete, editor at dirtygarnet.com

  2. Yes it must come as a constant pain in the sides of Academics & professionals that sty dwellers from council estates can not only aquire lap tops but also master how to use the things .So the middle class snobbery have to share the web & forums with illetrates like us wheres as in the past they could chose to ignore us by drinking in the lounge Bar instead !!.