Lidl to replace Stirchley Bowl

A Lidl store with 124 car parking spaces – creating 40 new jobs – could be built in place of Stirchley bowling alley and the fitness first centre.

The supermarket plans have been welcomed by local councillor Tim Huxtable who says it will regenerate Stirchley and create more jobs for local people.

Huxtable, Conservative Bournville Ward councillor, said: “I welcome inward investment into, and the regeneration of, Stirchley and the creation of jobs for local residents.

“The increase of traffic and its impact on the local community would be my biggest concern as this section of Pershore road corridor is already heavily congested so I would need to be reassured of what measures are proposed to mitigate the increased traffic this store would generate in the local vicinity.

“In addition, I would also like a commitment that recruitment for the job created will be, as far as possible, from the local area.”

The planning application by Lidl says: “When approved this food store will create a high quality retail development which is part of the regeneration of Stirchley district centre.”

The application adds that the store will “ensure the area becomes a positive approach into the heart of Stirchley.”

There have been no appeals since the application was submitted on 10th October.

Lidl trades from 10 stores in Birmingham already.

6 comments on “Lidl to replace Stirchley Bowl

  1. I am not sure how much access people have to supermarket facilities around the Stirchley area, although I know that the CO-OP is not that far away, and I believe there was talk of a TESCO being built in the area. I do know that there seem to be endless numbers of supermarkets around, but very rarely any social facilities for the public. As the phrase goes, “the devil makes work for idle hands” has it, if we fail to provide things for the younger population to involve themselves in, (not to mention all of the adult that use this facility), then we will have more bored, restless individuals on our hands, that may take to other less gratifying activities to entertain themselves. Social facilities probably don’t make as much profit as supermarkets, and are therefore not as attractive to investors. However, the benefits of facilities are less tangible, and probably more long term, but I believe they are just as important, and should be appreciated and preserved. They are still providing jobs after all.

  2. This stretch of the Pershore Road is already a major bottleneck in the mornings and late afternoons. There have been recent improvements, but now place a supermarket right next to the junction with Cartland Road and one can only see things being worse than ever. A few cars queuing to turn right into the car park from the Pershore Road will cause chaos during the rush hours. With all the derelict land around isn’t there a better option?

  3. Are they not building a larger Lidl in Kings Heath? How many supermarkets do we need in the area? I agree with the first comment – we need social facilities, they’ve closed the indoor bowling and all that building housed. The 40 new jobs to be created – how many prow will lies their jobs due to the closure of the Bowling Alley & Fitness First?? Also isn’t the government looking at obesity and health/fitness? Do we not need fitness centres? Not to mention the chaos the increase of traffic would cause.

  4. I am very disappointed to learn of Lidl’s intention to redevelop the Fitness First/1st Bowl site. I am a frequent user of the gym and would greatly miss this if it should cease to exist in this location. The closure of this local gym may lead to local people becoming less active.

    I am puzzled as to why Birmingham City Council cannot suggest alternative sites, there are a number that require regeneration namely the ill-fated Tesco site. I would be surprised if Tesco build on this site given their financial situation; indeed they recently closed down (their once flag-ship) store near to the Five Ways island. The Tesco site strikes me as a perfect example of ‘land banking’ which I am sure the Council cannot support. The Council should force Tesco to sell this site.

    I have lived in Stirchley for three years; in this time I have seen only further dereliction. For example a number of residential and business properties have been knocked down to make way for Tesco. The Council should be ashamed of how they have promoted dilapidation of this area. I am now considering moving from the area as there are few local amenities. There is no new supermarket and now my local gym is likely to be closed. Pathetic.

  5. Yet another example of appalling planning from our illustrious council. So Tesco cause all that land to remain derelict for years and years, Asda get told they cannot build on the Wilmot Breedon site as it is earmarked for industry, and then Tesco does nothing, they build houses on the industrial land and then knock Stirchley’s only leisure facility down to build… a supermarket!

    @ Bham Council… seriously guys is it not time to try to undo a decade of terrible decisions and actually try to make a positive one for a change?!