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Lifford Lane tip – CCTV to beat the queues

Birmingham City Council are hoping that residents will take a look at CCTV images of the queue at Lifford Lane recycling centre before deciding to pay a visit.
Lifford Lane
The camera updates every second and is just one initiative that the Council hope will avoid a repeat of the long queues that were seen at the weekend at the facility.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “The first decent weekend of weather this year inevitably saw an increase in visitor numbers to our Household Recycling Centres and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“As was the case in previous years, we are publicising on the council website peak times that we advise people to avoid, we now have webcams in place that enable people to view the queues when planning a visit and will be again introducing “green lanes” for visitors with just garden waste to help meet demand.”

You can access the camera at this link:

One local user recorded the chaos around Lifford Lane from his dashboard camera on a busy day last summer:

video via

The council also plan to tighten up on non-Birmingham residents using recycling facility: “longer-term, we also have plans in place to tighten residency checks so the HRCs are only used by Birmingham residents. This should help waiting times, stop commercial traders using our sites and ensure the best possible service for citizens.”

A dedicated ‘green lane’ to help people with just garden waste to dispose of their cuttings more quickly is anticipated to be active at Lifford Lane by the Easter weekend.

Peak times at Lifford Lane to avoid are Monday to Friday 8am-9.30am, weekends and public holidays.

Lifford Lane is open:
Mon to Fri: 8am to 8pm,
Saturday: 8am to 4.30pm
Sunday: 8am to 4.30pm

7 comments on “Lifford Lane tip – CCTV to beat the queues

  1. The webb cam only shows traffic going in and out of Ebury road,you need to see Lifford Lane traffic and how long the queue is for people who just want to go past the tip.the biggest problem is the cars that overtake on the other side of the road both ways.

  2. The council brought this on themselves when they introduced the charges for bulk waste and garden waste. Its interesting how the council say to avoid peak times, do they think people enjoy sitting in a long queue….no, these are the times that people can use the tip through time off or on the way to work. Its almost as if the council are blaming people for turning up on their day off or going to work, but then i wouldn’t put that past them since the councillor in charge of introducing wheelie bins blamed the bin men for the missing collection fiasco.
    The congestion at Ebury Rd and surrounding roads was like this last year and one might have thought it would of been sorted out before now, but no….this is B’ham Council in charge of this shambles.

  3. Everybody knows what the queues are going to be like on weekends you don’t need a webcam to tell you that! I agree that it’s idiot drivers that overtake the queues that are the problem but you are never going to stop people queueing for the tip it’s always been the same.

  4. I think an idea is to have the traffic go in from lifford lane and come out another entrance if possible! that might cut some traffic down? seen a lot of accidents cars coming over bridge and hitting cars coming out of ebury road!!!

  5. I went down Lifford Lane from Mc Donalds on Monday there was a big queue stretching back to the bridge there are still cars and bin lorries coming down the other side of the road,and on the way back the queue was still past the island and 2 vans went round the island the wrong way.I think they need to put those barriers that they had in the road last year.