Mast opposition gathers momentum

mast protest 1
Local residents in Bournville are mounting a stiff opposition to plans for a new mobile telephone mast to be erected on the corner of Selly Oak road and Heath Road. A demonstration against the mast saw dozens of residents turn out on Sunday to voice their opposition.

Councillor Nigel Dawkins who organsied the demonstration said: “It was a large turnout to our rally and it clearly demonstrated that local families are worried about having a 14 metre high mobile phone mast next to where they live. These genuine fears and concerns by so many people cannot and should not be dismissed by the planners.”

Cllr Dawkins has written to nearby residents asking for their views highlighting how the mast will be near a junction that is a well used thoroughfare for young people and families on the way to the two schools on Selly Oak Road and for St Francis School. Pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic School have had Cllr Dawkins’ leaflet sent to every parent. There is also concern that the site is close to a conservation area and will be far too obtrusive.

The mobile phone mast being planned for the location will be 13.8 metres high and be adjacent to the recreation ground. The pole will carry 3G signals from 02 and Vodafone, boosting coverage in the area. Residents have until 21st October to object to the plans. The planning application number is 2010/05252/PA and full online details are here and supplementary documents are here.

mast demo 2

Pics courtesy of Birmingham Post and Mail which also has also has a story on the demonstration.

5 comments on “Mast opposition gathers momentum

  1. Feel the need to post this here as I often do when people talk phone masts and schools/children/families.

    From the WHO:

    “exposure to the radiofrequency (RF) fields emitted by mobile phones is generally more than a 1000 times higher than from base stations, and the greater likelihood of any adverse effect being due to handsets”

    “No recent national or international reviews have concluded that exposure to the RF fields from mobile phones or their base stations causes any adverse health consequence”

  2. There’s a useful report from the City Council on the siting of masts.

    An interesting point made is: “This [health] fear was compounded by factors such as lack of participation in the decision-making process.”

  3. andy’s comment is unjustified. the issue for me is how much the mast will disfigure the Bournville scene. now i’ve seen a drawing i’m reassured but would like a bit mor assurance that it is indeed, in appearance, little more than a lamp post. John Dolan

  4. Well done to all who protested i was so proud for me and my children and for all the young people and children i work for as a youth and playworker in the Northfield area. And a very big thank you to MP Steve McCabe for all his hard work and for listening to the local people and their children well done.Well done also to the Birmingham mail for a great picture of all the families.