New members join Bournville Village Council

Bournville Village Council runs on a voluntary basis and works as a residents association liaising with Bournville Village Trust and putting on the famed village festival each year.

Earlier this year, the council appealed for younger members to put themselves forward for nomination. This year two new members have joined and they were announced at the Annual Public Meeting on Wednesday 11 November.

David Carruthers and Helen White are the latest additions to the council, which has been running since 1903, and Chairman Bill Rice, Pauline Rice and Doug Mellis have retaken their places as members after being nominated.

Here is David Carruthers, the newest and probably the youngest member of the council introducing himself:

Every five years council members must be retire and can re-join the council by being nominated, along with any other Bournville resident over 18. There are five vacancies and if five nominations are received no public ballot is needed.

2 comments on “New members join Bournville Village Council

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  2. Thank you for putting this website together.

    I did notice that it should state that members of BVC are elected for 3 not 5 years and will only continue membership if re-elected not nominated. Similarly any Bournville resident over 18 can join BVC if they are nominated for election and are elected or alternatively take places on the Council by default if the number of nominees equal or are less than the number of vacancies.