Newsagent granted licence to sell alcohol in Bournville

A local newsagent has been successful in their application a licence to sell alcohol in Bournville. Mr Kamal Sharma will be able to sell booze from his Mary Vale road newsagent.

Local conservative councillors and some residents opposed the proposal claiming that this would spell the end of Bournville’s tradition of being a ‘dry’ suburb.

However, many local people signed a petition in favour of the licence and police had no objections subject to the installing of CCTV.

The committee said that despite concerns they: “were not persuaded, that it was appropriate to refuse the application.”

Cllr Lynda Clinton (Lab, Tyburn), Chair of Licensing Sub-Committee B, said: “The committee has carefully considered submissions made for and against Mr Sharma’s application for a licence to sell alcohol, both from local residents and councillors. There was no evidence presented to the committee to suggest any of the four licensing objectives would not be upheld.

“While people opposing his application raised concerns about anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder, and the impact licensing a convenience store to sell alcohol would have on Bournville village’s ‘unique character’, no objections were lodged by Bournville Village Trust (BVT) as landlords (as the premises is located outside BVT’s boundary) or by West Midlands Police.

“Local residents who attended today’s meeting were strongly in favour of the application being approved.”

The full judgement, made at a City Council licensing committee meeting on September 29th, is republished below.

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6 comments on “Newsagent granted licence to sell alcohol in Bournville

  1. Very disappointing and seems to have been largely influenced by force of numbers in pressure group represented at meeting & petition. Disappointing priorities of some Bournville residents!

  2. great, one more local tradition destroyed. Bet none of the people signing off on this live in the area. Yet another slow clap for Birmingham council decision makers.

  3. Oh dear BVT let down the side. George Cadbury will be rolling in his grave. Bournville Train Station will now be changing it’s name to Stirchley Train Station next and installing a cider vending machaine.

  4. Very disappointed what were the residents who strongly! voted for this more trouble in the park as if we don’t have enough!!! Bournville is definitely losing its tradition big time!!!

  5. Sad to hear this. It would set a precident that Tesco could reapply and that would be a nightmare. As residents we weren’t aware of the application, had the same interest been stirred up as with Tesco then surely the opposition would be stronger. Would be interested to know if premises in question had covenants on them, as our house on Linden Road but not on BVT land does have them.