St Francis Church shows off new roof

A gift day was held at Bournville Parish Chruch, St Francis of Assisi on Saturday to show off the brand spanking new roof and encourage further donations so the rest refurbishments can be completed.

Vicar, Revd Peter Babington sat outside the church to greet visitors. I spoke to him about how the work was going and what role the church had in the community.

Raising the £120,000 needed to do the repair work began in 2005. Now with the roof pretty much complete, new lighting, paintwork and a ramp on the south side of the church will continue to take place. Funding sources came from a number of places: the Veolia Environmental Trust, English Heritage, The George Cadbury Trust, and the Garfield Weston Foundation, as well as members of the church and the local community.

You can read more about the developments at the church on their superb blog here.

Work underway on the roof earlier this year
Work underway on the roof earlier this year

Bournville Parish Church was always part of George Cadbury’s plan for his model village – land for an Anglican church in the area was set aside as early as 1905.