Bournville Lane Baths – Open Day

STIRCHLEY’S long-closed public baths on Bournville Lane will be re-opened for one day for members of the public to visit. Bournville’s councillors say they have arranged the Open Day ahead of the planned refurbishment of the baths in the new year.
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The Open Day will take place on 3rd September from 11am – 3pm. During late August the baths will be deep-cleaned and work on converting the baths to a community centre could start as early as January 2012. A previous Open Day in 2008 saw over 80 people queue to get a view of the interior.

Interest in this Open Day is also expected to be high and the councillors are asking people to be patient on the day. They added that they will also use the occasion to invite local residents to become a ‘Friend of Stirchley Baths’ which will be a new group “dedicated to ensuring that this much loved building continues to serve the people of Stirchley for another 100 years.”

Bournville Lane Baths were first opened 100 years ago in June 1911 and are a Grade 2 listed building.

The baths have been visited by members of the ’28 Days Later’ forum on many occasions revealing that the interior has been much neglected since the baths’ closure in the mid-1980s.

The pictures below are from the 2008 Open Day. :

3 comments on “Bournville Lane Baths – Open Day

  1. I remember these baths well – from chilly winter Monday mornings around 1967. They were used by local schools who did not have their own baths, for swimming lessons. I remember, reluctantly, getting the 27 bus, first thing on a Monday morning, to join my classmates from Bournville Girls Grammar-Technical School. (Now Bournville School and Sixth Form College.) The cubicles all around the balcony seemed quite a novelty – and rather narrow, I think.

    I also recall the entire class jumping into the baths wearing pyjama bottoms in order to demonstrate prowess in survival in water if accidentally immersed, whilst fully dressed, I think. One was supposed to take off the trousers and make them into a float – U can remember at the time thinking that it might be tricky to arrange to be wearing pyjama trousers if I fell into some water! However, bizarre as it might seem, I remember a sea of colourful pyjamas where those grubby, battered, tiles now are.

    It was quite shocking to see the baths in this state of disrepair. It is good to think that they will be brought back in service for the community.

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  3. It would surely be more appropriate to open it again as a swimming pool given the year of the olympics in 2012. Also there is a swimming pool further up on Bournville Lane outside Cadbury’s, the old ‘Girl’s Baths’, where the outside of the building has been refurbished, but the inside left to rot. This is short-sightedness by the City Council, Cadbury’s and Bournville Village Trust. Stirchley is in dire need of a face-lift. Funny that the middle-classes in Harborne and Edgbaston will benefit from the opening of a newly refurbished swimming pool in December.