Tesco in Stirchley – building work to start in New Year

Local MP Steve McCabe says that building work on the new Tesco supermarket in Stirchley will begin in early 2016.

Labour MP McCabe says he has been told by Tesco that preliminary works will start in January with construction work – “all being well” – beginning in May 2016.

On his website McCabe MP said: “It’s an early Christmas present. I am really pleased that Tesco have kept faith with the people of Stirchley and now confirmed work will start on the store in the New Year.

“The local community have waited a long time for this site to be developed and the area will benefit from this much needed boost in investment and jobs.”

However, some local people in Stirchley reacted angrily to the news.

The arrival of Tesco has come after years of delays to the project and seen large areas of land in Stirchley left as undeveloped wasteland.

At the start of 2015 Tesco reassured local councillor Tim Huxtable that they were still intending to come to Stirchley but were not able to confirm when.

4 comments on “Tesco in Stirchley – building work to start in New Year

  1. I don’t think this is something I have been waiting for! It will no doubt have a huge effect on the coop one of the things I love about stirchley and all the local small buisneses.

  2. This is the death of Stirchley. One store selling all! The little bit of life left in Stirchley will drain completely away. Local Councillors IGNORED a petition signed by thousands of locals against this development. Local Councillors have shown they are out of touch with public opinion. This store is not good news one shop selling all is not what we need. We need regeneration with a variety of stores that draw people into Stirchley not away from it.

  3. With respect to those who oppose the scheme (I’m undecided) if you exclude the costcutter mini mart then what exactly are Tesco going to sell that’s currently sold by Stirchley Hgh street? A carpet? Second hand vacuum cleaner? Cheap bedroom furniture?

    The one risk would be the loss of Loaf, but you could argue that people who buy rubbish bread would do so from co-op or Tesco.

    Time will tell but I won’t lose any sleep over it. In fact, glad to see it come to a close if I’m honest.

  4. bring it on about time im a big fan of Tesco I travel 3 miles to a Tesco store every week to do my shopping and I have lived in stirchley for 34 yrs and the main street in stirchley has been dead to the customer for many years unless you want a curry