Tesco in Stirchley site

Tesco pull out of Stirchley

Tesco has informed residents in Stirchley that it will no longer be building a supermarket in the area

The news comes after the supermarket giant spent 17 years acquiring the land needed for the site.

In an email, the chairman of Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum Peter Walker says he has been informed by Tesco that they will be pulling out of the now flattened site and selling the land.

Tesco have now pulled out of plans to buill in Stirchley

Tesco had previously said they would start building in 2016 and in early 2015 Tesco’s CEO said they would still be opening a supermarket despite not knowing when they would build it.

5 comments on “Tesco pull out of Stirchley

  1. Good, pity the compulsory purchase of some shops who paid Tesco back their money and more in rent. Hopefully Aldi/Lidl will buy and build on the land and leave bowling/gym alone.

  2. My guess is that the land will be sold to the highest bidder for whatever purpose. Tesco will have made a fortune out of this land for doing nothing, l suppose the anticipated competition from Aldi/Lidl scared them off. Well bugger off Tesco I’ll never spend another penny in one of their stores, l wonder what the thoughts will be of our Council and MP will be about this development but I’ll not hold my breath.

  3. Tesco absolute disgrace the way they have helped blight the area. I for one will never use one of their shops again. They have previous for this kind of behaviour but what do they care for ordinary people.

  4. The days of giant superstores are long gone. Tesco, as a company, are struggling to survive and to plough money into this development would have been commercial madness. Let’s hope that Stirchley can now move forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.

  5. Not really any surprise and a situation that was created by certain people with an intention to do anything that would result in harming the Co-op, a Co-op that lets not forget for all its negative points has provided many services and jobs to local people for a long time, and a council who thought they were on to a nice little earner. Moving forward, Sainsburys, Aldi, Co-op and Lidl are in abundance and all no more than a mile or two away from Stirchley with decent public transport for those without cars. Could do with a more mixed retail choice than more supermarkets in Stirchley and some housing priced to help first time buyers….with landlords banned from buying them…not far off what was the alternative but less lucrative to the council plan before.