Travellers on Rowheath: church praised for humane response

The Christian organisation behind the running of Rowheath Pavilion have received widespread praise for their handling of a visit by the travelling community to Rowheath playing field.

A small group of travellers arrived on Friday 19th July and set up next to the former running track on the playing fields.


Travellers’ vehicles on Rowheath playing fields on Friday 19th July.

However, in agreement with the Pavilion, they had departed by Sunday evening.

Explaining their decision to allow the group to stay, the Pavilion said: “we decided it would be good to be hospitable without complaint, to love without prejudging and to not pass this burden on to some other park or green space in the city.”

Their statement on their Facebook page has met with widespread praise with the post going viral with over 1400 likes, 170 comments and 300+ shares.

One Facebook user called the Pavilion’s actions: “totally 100% correct decision and approach.”

Another said: “You did the right thing in showing them a welcome and they obviously respected that.”

Some raised concerns about litter left behind by the travellers but a visit by to the site on Monday found it clean and clear of any evidence of the Travellers’ stay.

It is believed the group of Travellers were part of the group that had been staying in Selly Oak Park and in Selly Park in recent weeks. It is not known where they have moved on to.

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