Ward boundary changes – Stirchley breaks away

Proposed changes to council wards in Birmingham would see a redrawn map of Bournville with fewer elected councillors and Stirchley forming its own ward.

In the changes now under consultation, the boundary commission are proposing that Bournville ward become ‘Bournville and Cotteridge’ and its boundary extended up to Northfield on one side but reduced on the other along the line of the cross-city railway.

This new ward would then have two councillors rather than three. Stirchley will become a ward on its own with just one councillor representing it.

The plans are out for consultation until 8th February: consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/5688

New ward plan

Blue lines indicated current ward boundaries whilst red lines are the proposed boundaries.

3 comments on “Ward boundary changes – Stirchley breaks away

  1. My wife and I have lived in Laurel Road, Cotteridge since 2000, we are upset to learn that we would no longer be in Cotteridge Village under proposed changes. Our house was built in Cotteridge and proposed changes to historical boundries we are strongly opposed to, We will be collecting names of people in my road for us to remain in Cotteridge Village.

  2. It’s odd that the area around the old hospital has been added as a triangular northern tip to Bournville and Cotteridge ward. I assume the reason is to even out the ratio of residents to councillors?