Andy Street

Bournville voted for Andy Street as Mayor

Bournville voted for Andy Street in the recent West Midlands mayoral election.

Birmingham City Council have published a breakdown of results by local ward areas.

They show that in the first round of voting the Conservative Party’s Andy Street was 539 votes ahead of nearest rival, Labour’s Siôn Simon.

Street secured 3106 votes, Simon 2621, whilst Liberal Democrat candidate, Beverley Neilson, had 579 votes cast for her.

Second Round

In the second round, which saw Street go head-to-head with Simon, it was Simon who came out on top with 564 votes against 289 for Street.

Andy Street

Andy Street thanks his voters after winning the Mayoral election.

7209 votes were cast in Bournville with UKIP receiving 195 votes, Green Party 544 votes and the Communist Party 100 votes.

Andy Street Wins

As a whole Birmingham voted against the eventual winner, Andy Street who won by 3,763 votes to become the West Midlands Mayor for the next three years.

4 comments on “Bournville voted for Andy Street as Mayor

  1. I am very disappointed that Sion Simons was not elected. He is a man of integrity just like Jeremy Corbyn and we certainly need people of principle in charge. This would be refreshing. This chap will have enormous challenge to win people’s trust given his political allegiance to this monstrous Tory government that has done nothng but bring terrible grief and ruin to what WAS a wonderful country……….Mr. Street, I will not be holding my breath.

  2. Clearly the best man won. Labour offering a candidate who was previously embroiled in an expense scandal and who’s only agenda appeared to be blaming the government for Birmingham councils mismanagement was a poor opposition for Andy Street…add to that a campaign run by Liam Byrne the man who left the cupboard bare and he was on to a loser from the start.

  3. Labour council’s failure to manage? It’s a bit like May and the foodbanks isn’t it? If the government steals your hard earned money, is it surprising you can’t afford to feed yourself? This shower are simply crooked as well as sadistic.

  4. Absolute failure to manage, which resulted in a change in a number of senior management positions including Mark Rogers being replaced after he failed to deliver the £49million promised. It is at least heartening to hear the council leader say the 2017-18 budget is achievable, which will i’m sure put a stop to all the moaning about government cuts.