Eu referendum

Bournville voted to remain in the EU

Data released by Birmingham City Council reveals that Bournville Ward voted to remain in the European Union in last Thursday’s historic vote.

Whilst Birmingham overall marginally voted to Leave, Bournville saw 58% of voters vote Remain.

14,296 people from Bournville voted in the referendum, a turnout of approximately 76% (based on 2015 electorate data).

The data also reveals that the Selly Oak constituency as a whole was for Remain although the Billesley and Brandwood wards in the constituency were for Leave.

Shard End was the ward that voted most in favour of Leave (75.6%) while Moseley and Kings Heath ward was most in favour of Remain (77%).

Ahead of the referendum Local MP Steve McCabe had come out in favour of the Remain camp.

Breakdown of Bournville voting data:

Voted remain: 8,293

Voted Leave: 6,003

Turnout: 14,296

Rejected: 10

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