Mary Locke Labour candidate for Bournville 2016

Labour win in Bournville – Local Elections

Mary Locke saw off the challenge of the Conservative’s Nigel Dawkins to retain Bournville for Labour at the local elections.

Mary Locke is the new councillor for the ward, joining two Conservative councillors in representing the area.

Mary Locke Labour candidate for Bournville 2016

Mary Locke – Labour

Her result is a blow to Nigel Dawkins who was hoping to be reelected after losing his seat to Labour’s Phil Walkling in the 2012 election.

Labour won the seat by 313 votes over the Conservatives, an increase on the 2012 margin, with the Green party and UKIP the next largest parties. The Liberal Democrats only managed to secure 196 votes.

Locke is a resident for Stirchley for the last 40 years and has worked for the NHS for 20 years.

Ahead of the election she vowed to: “listen and make myself available and I’ll fight to make a difference in our community.”

It was a good night for Labour in Birmingham with them increasing their overall share of the vote and gaining two new seats. They retain overall control of the council. Nearby Weoley ward went from Conservative to Labour in a surprise result.

The results for Bournville ward are as follows:

Nigel Douglas Dawkins
Robert John Gilliam
Liberal Democrats
Ian James Jamieson
Mary Anne Locke
Sylvia Emmeline Tempest-Jones

5 comments on “Labour win in Bournville – Local Elections

  1. Let’s hope that Mary Locke actually does something unlike her precedessor Phil Walkling who never opened his mouth and didnt attend ward or council members during the past two years.

  2. Congrats to Mary. The Tory candidate probably deserved this, on account on the negative (and un-true!) campaigning about Cllr Walkling.

  3. So where has Phil Walkling been then Joe? Nigel Dawkins should have been re-elected! Only the local Conservatives know whats best for the Bournville ward & they have done a great job, no one can disagree with that!