Local elections 2016 – who gets your vote?

City council elections take place on Thursday 5th May with Bournville ward needing to fill the vacant slot left by the departure of Labour’s Phil Walkling.

Former Conservative councillor Nigel Dawkins is looking to return to office following his election defeat to Phil Walkling four years ago.

Labour is fielding former NHS worker Mary Locke in the hope of retaining the seat.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

The full list of candidates are:

Nigel Douglas Dawkins The Conservative Party Candidate
Robert John Gilliam Liberal Democrats
Ian James Jamieson The Green Party
Mary Anne Locke Labour Party
Sylvia Emmeline Tempest-Jones UK Independence Party (UKIP)


Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

There are also elections for Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands Police Area. The candidates are:

  • Pete Durnell, UK Independence Party
  • Andy Flynn, Independent
  • David Charles Jamieson, Labour Party
  • Les Jones, Conservative Party

6 comments on “Local elections 2016 – who gets your vote?

  1. I see Nigel Dawkins, on his recent leaflet, wants to ‘bring back hanging’. I don’t believe in Capital Punishment!

  2. Please. Please. Please vote for Mary today to keep the delightful Mr Dawkins out.

    The rhetoric and negativity of the leaflets we have had is unbelievable. He has bordered on slander in what they said about Phil Walking. The poor guy was seriously ill and making political capital out of his illness sums up these people.

    And just remember that its the Central Tory Government have made massive disproportionate cuts to the funding of Birmingham Council while giving the likes of Hertfordshire and parts of Oxford increases.
    Ask yourself whether the Tories have our (the little men and women of this country) best interests at heart. Or is ‘Austerity’ an idealogical attack on the very structures of the country designed to look after you and me.

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