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Location, location: Bournville on film

Back in the days when Dalziel and Pascoe was still a popular crime-busting BBC drama series, my street was used as a location for one of the sets. The location manager told us the Cadbury houses were great for the series, because many of them resembled Yorkshire houses – perfect for the fictional town of Wetherton where the drama was set.

Shops just off Bournville green.

Shops just off Bournville green.

Bournville is a popular location for films and TV series, and I was recently informed the corner of Mulberry Road on the junction of Woodlands Park Road saw a big film and camera crew set up camp. If anyone in this area knew what the filming was for, I’d be happy to update this post.

The Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School on Woodbrooke Road (now a technology college) was used in a 1980s episode of the ITV series Crossroads.

In 2006, the BBC filmed the Bournville Carillon for the Inside Out programme, screened that Autumn.

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