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Detective talks about Bournville gun shots

Detective Inspector Matt Tite responded to worried residents today over the shooting incident on Woodlands Park Road last month.

The issue was raised at the local tasking meeting in Bournville – a regular meeting arranged by the police and local authorities to listen to issues affecting residents in the area and come up with three action points.

Representatives from the local police, Bournville Village Trust, and Neighbourhood watch, and Councillor Nigel Dawkins were present at the meeting, which took place at Rowheath Pavillion tonight.

About 40 residents were in attendance, many of whom came form the Woodlands Park Road area to ask the local authority about the recent crime.

In answer to a question about the shooting incident in the area, DI Tite stood up to make a statement to all present to assure residents about his role in the investigation. He explained his job is to look into serious crime in the Bournville area. He said:

“I am the senior officer for the incident [in Woodlands Park Road] and I do not know what you have heard. I understand that rumours are that people have been injured but that is not the case.

There was a shooting, but nobody was injured. I am limited in what I can say. I want to convey to you the rarity of that incident for the area. It’s ultimately unheard of in your area.”

Neighbourhood watch Coordinator Christine Johnson said:

To be quite honest, there is little work to do in my area, but my view from personal experience and what people have said to me is that people are very concerned that there has been quite a dramatic change and are worried about what has been happening in our part of Bournville.”

DI Tite reassured residents this was an isolated incident and unlikely to occur again. He also encouraged anyone to come forward with further information to help the investigation.  The discussion moved on to look at other concerns in the area, including issues with the Bournville Village Trust and speeding on roads.

Three speeding reports were presented for problem roads including Hawthorne and Woodlands Park Road, and the police said after patrolling with speed cameras in theses areas, they were found not to present a reasonable cause for action. One resident replied, however, that these speed tests were carried out over the calmer summer months, and PCSO Jenene Tandy said the police would carry out more speed tests in the coming months.

At the end of the meeting, three issues of concern for action from the police and council were pin-pointed, and they are:

  • The area around Woodlands Park
  • The over-grown lime trees on Selly Oak Road
  • The need for a mirror to be re-erected on Oak Tree Lane to help drivers with a blind spot.

The next tasking meeting will be held on November 18 at Rowheath Pavillion. There will be further reports from issues raised at the latest meeting posted here in the coming days. You can find the most recent Neighbourhood watch flyer here, as well as the latest local policing summary here.