Bournville Maypole – your chance to get involved


Bournville Village Council have written to us to give advanced news of this year’s Village Festival which takes place on Sunday 26th June from 2pm. We’ll have more on that in a future posting but in the meantime there’s a need for children to volunteer to be part of the Maypole which is the centrepiece of the festival.

Tracey Kent from Bournville Village Council explains:

The Maypole tradition goes way back. Up to 60 girls dance in the Maypole and come and meet the Festival Queen. Any girl up to the age of 18, or boy up to the age of 9, who lives in the Bournville area can get involved in the Maypole.

Registration for being in the Maypole takes place on Monday 1st March from 6pm. The venue is Dame Elizabeth Hall, Firbank Close, off Oak tree Lane. The Maypole is organised by Sue Walsh with practice sessions lasting about 30 minutes starting once a week and moving up to twice a week as the event draws near. If you cannot make the registration date but would like to get involved please call 0121 244 8899.

The annual Bournville Village Festival, which takes place on Cadbury’s Recreation Ground, Linden Road, has many attractions including the Craft Market (selling Jewellery, paintings, crafts and cakes) , Arena events (Marching Bands and dance Troupes), Side stalls, a Flower and Craft Show (exhibiting efforts for all age groups), the traditional Maypole Dance and a firework display.

(Maypole pic – Pete Ashton)

One comment on “Bournville Maypole – your chance to get involved

  1. This is a very good article. I am 75 years of age and when i WAS A LITTLE GIRL IN THE 9TH GRADE OUR TEACHER TRAINED US TO DO THE MAYPOLE DANCE EVERY YEAR IN MAY.