Bournville residents called ‘unfriendly and intimidating’ after parking note placed on car

A woman who parks her car on Maple road has lashed out after receiving a note telling her to park elsewhere. She has called Bournville residents “unfriendly and intimidating.”

Kim Hudson, 54, of nearby Stirchley, regularly parks on Maple road as she works nearby.

On Wednesday 20 January she found a note on her car telling her not to park there anymore. The note said: “Busy parking area Dentist Please park elsewhere if you don’t live here.”

At first Mrs Hudson thought the note was written Bournville Village Dental Practice at the top of Maple road.

However, Chris Payne from the Practice told “That note has not been on placed by anyone from the dental practice and we would never presume to do so.

“I assume it is a local resident. Since Selly Oak hospital closed I have been unaware of any parking issues on Maple Rd.”

Mrs Hudson contacted local police via Twitter who reassured her that she was allowed to park there as there are no restrictions and that the note was not enforceable.

She has now decided to park her car further away after having had her car boxed in earlier that same week.

Mrs Hudson, who says she always tries to promote good community spirit, also took aim at the lack of punctuation in the note, declaring: “What Bournvillite can’t put a comma in?”

4 comments on “Bournville residents called ‘unfriendly and intimidating’ after parking note placed on car

  1. This is an issue across areas local to Cadburys and the Conference Centre on Selly Oak Rd as people assume that as residents without drives, in most cases, we do not have any right to complain when we can’t park outside our own homes. Non residents and park users, especially those using the bowling green,are aggressive when you ask them to move their vehicle so you can park closer to your home, the attitude is childish. BVT need to review parking in some roads and talk with the council to resolve the issues we have without the cost coming from us, especially if we’re tenants.

  2. If there is no parking restrictions and drives are not being blocked i don’t see there is an issue. Are these people saying they have never parked their car on the road when away from their homes? If they want a drive or some kid of private parking then they should take it up with the council or BVT. The lady in question has just as much right to park there as anyone else and hiding behind the dentists name…well really, how childish.

  3. We all pay our tax to be able to use the roads, whether that’s for driving or parking. Grow up, many of us can’t park outside our own homes, stop staying home all day being curtain twitchers with nothing better to do, and earn enough to buy a house with a drive 🙂

  4. As long as there are no parking restrictions and the drives of private property is not violated AND the vehicle is legal ie road tax then you can park wherever you want …. I’ve had my car scratched and damage done to it when parking in some places … Not bournville btw but als I lived on a busy rd and could never park outside my property so eventually moved … I know it’s frustrating but not a leg to stand on if car legal sorry