Lack of chocolate frustrates Bournville festival goers

Locals have expressed frustration at the lack of a chocolate stall at last week’s annual Bournville Village festival with some claiming that Mondelez, Cadbury’s owners, “do not care about the Bournville community.”
bournville festival 2015
A stall selling discounted Cadbury chocolate and staffed by workers from the factory has been a regular feature at the festival over the years.

This year the stall was listed in the festival programme but didn’t make an appearance. However, a spokesperson for Mondelez said the stall may return next year.

On the Facebook account there was surprise at the absence of the stall.

“Yes was disappointed and heard a lot of people complaining and say that was one of the main reasons for going” – Tracey

“Was very disappointed this year with Bournville festival yes with the chocolate tent not there was a huge hole in the festival.” – Paul R

“We looked for the chocolate tent and were very disappointed that it wasn’t there” – Louise

“Looks like Cadbury (Kraft) are starting to distance themselves from the local community. Sad day” – Paul B

“A lot of people including ourselves very disappointed the chocolate stall not there” – Veronica

The organisers of the festival, Bournville Village Council, said that the stall is run by volunteers from Cadbury and the decision not to participate happened at the last minute.

This year one of those involved retired and the “others tried to be allowed to do it”. When pressed further on what stopped them from participating, the Village Council declined to comment. They made clear that the stall was not connected directly to Mondelez.

Mondelez said: “The tent was the personal responsibility of the team who looked after our staff shop on site and was a way of raising funds for their particular charities. In the last few weeks, a new team has taken over responsibility for running the shop and their focus was on the Staff Shop itself. I’m told that there’s no reason why the tent can’t return for next year’s Festival.”

The festival saw 15 year old Taylor Morris crowned as the Festival Queen and included local children in traditional maypole dances. The event finished with a firework display.

2 comments on “Lack of chocolate frustrates Bournville festival goers

  1. Agree it was an unfortunate missing feature of this year’s festival. Do believe they could make amends by putting on something last minute at tomorrow’s cocomad festival which is within 5 mins walk of factory. Show the community that cadburys listens. People are proud of the cadbury brand and it would be warmly welcomed by the thousands of visitors I’m sure.

  2. We went to the Bournville fête last Saturday as a family of 5 and also complained. According to other stall holders it was down to the new owners of Cadbury. Normally they donate the chocolate and the money raised went to charity. This year we were told they refused to donate and that if the staff wanted to run a stall they would have to buy the chocolate they were to be selling. A disgrace. The fireworks were FAB as always but due to the increase in cost of entry, stalls, rides (helterscelter last year was 3 goes for £1 this year 1 go for £1) plants etc have all majorly felt a waste of time and money. We won’t be going next year 🙁