Self-portrait project shows off Bournville’s residents

An exhibition of self-portrait photographs of Bournville residents has gone on display at Birmingham City University’s city centre campus.

The images are the result of a project that took place earlier in the summer. The project aimed to celebrate Bournville’s unique heritage and community spirit.

Residents were asked to add to the wider legacy of images of the Bournville area by taking their own self-portraits and sharing their stories.



The format of the project is based on the ‘Hansdworth Self Portrait‘ project that took place in 1979.

Brian Homer, who lead the project and was one of the originators of the Handsworth project said: “I’m really excited about this new project as, for the first time, I will be photographing close to home. I live on the Bournville estate, and I’m hoping many friends and neighbours will be taking part.”

Along with Birmingham City University photography lecturer Timm Sonnenschein, Brian has also undertaken self-portrait work with new Library of Birmingham.

Bournville Village

The village, created in 1893 at George Cadbury’s own expense, aimed to ease the ‘cramped living conditions’ of the inner city and has since been credited as laying the foundations for garden cities.


Residents took their own photographs at venues across Bournville from 10th to 14th July, posing in any way they like with friends, family or on their own.

At the time of the project Daniel Callicott, Museum Manager at Selly Manor Museum, said the project would collect: “the photographs and stories of people who live in Bournville and make it the unique place it is today.”


The exhibition is at the Parkside campus building on Curzon street next to Eastside park in Birmingham. There are over 30 portraits on the first floor of the building.

Bournville Village Trust

Bournville Village Trust is a charity and housing organisation founded by George Cadbury in 1900.

The Trust aims to create and sustain flourishing communities where people choose to live and it does this by providing high-quality housing and estate management services across Birmingham and Shropshire.

In total, the Trust provides services to 8,000 homes of mixed tenure and 25,000 people.